Our Interview with Glamorous Instagram Sensations Maggie and Indi from SkippingGirl_Shihtzus!

Skippinggirl_Shihtzu Instagram famous pooches

We were super lucky to get a sit down interview with the glamorous Shihtzu duo- Maggie and Indi! Hailing from the fashion capital of Australia, Melbourne city, comes the most chic and loveable doggy sensation that have even featured on the likes of Studio 10 and Sunrise! Enjoy this raw and entertaining conversation we had with the most gorgeous pooches in all the land.

Introduce us to yourselves! Tell us some background info/ brief life history 

Hello there, humans and furry friends! We’re Indi and Maggie, the fabulously fluffy Shih Tzu duo taking Melbourne by storm, one paw-sitive post at a time! We’re not just any pair of pooches; we’re besties with a passion for fashion and a knack for tricks. Think of us as your next-door divas with a cause. Our tail-wagging tale began five years ago, and oh what a journey it’s been! Inspired by the iconic “Little Audrey” skipping across that neon sign, we leapt into the social media world as the Skippinggirl_Shihtzus. Our aim was to unleash the joy of doggy companionship and show the world how it’s done – with style and a smile! From high fives to twirls, and boops to barks, we’re here to spread the cheer and share tips on health, wellness, and supporting the local scene. And let’s not forget our fashion-forward flair! Dressed to impress, we’re strutting our stuff in the trendiest threads, from bows that shimmer to floral garlands that make us glimmer. So, come join our pack as we embark on more adventures, one paw-shake at a time!

How did you get insta famous and what is the best part/ the worst part about it?

For Indi it all started on the stages of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with the ‘Funny Tails’ show! Imagine this: while comedians were cracking up the crowd, Indi was there dazzling everyone with amazing tricks. We’re not just a one-trick pony show though. We both strutted our stuff on TV shows like ‘Studio 10’ and ‘Sunrise’, showed off on ‘Pooches at Play’, and even worked like pros on ‘Dogs with Jobs’. Plus, our adorable faces got featured on channels 7 & 9 prime time news and even made headlines in ‘The Herald Sun’ and ‘The Age’. The absolute best part of being Insta famous? It’s like having a magic leash that reaches out and spreads joy! It’s all about barking out loud for local businesses, sharing snout-to-tail health and wellbeing tips, and teaching other humans how to treat their pups right with positive vibes only. And, oh boy, the love and pawsitive feedback from the dog-loving community? Paws down, it’s the treat that keeps on giving! But let’s not bury the bone there, the ruff part is the time it takes. You’ve got to be the Houdini of hounds to keep up with all the filming, editing, and posting. It’s like running a marathon with your tail on fire, but hey, for the love of dogs and their humans, it’s totally worth it!

Maggie and Indi cruising around in their Audi
Maggie and Indi cruising around in their Audi

What are your favourite things to do/ Hobbies?

We just adore the summer vibes at St Kilda Beach! It’s where we join our humans on stand- up paddleboards and glide over the waves, racing each other to the farthest buoy and back. And when we’re not paddling, we’re swimming side by side along the shimmering shoreline.
We have the best time training together, always up for the challenge of learning new tricks — especially when there are treats involved. It’s a delightful way to bond and share some barks (laughs).
For a bit of speed and thrill, we hop into our electric toy cars, feeling the rush as we chase each other around the dog festival events. Dog festivals are a highlight too! We revel in the festive atmosphere, meeting new furry friends and indulging in all the dog-friendly fun. And what’s a weekend without saying ‘hello’ to the community? You’ll often find us visiting cafés, exploring markets, and enjoying the buzz at outdoor events. We love the warmth of the people we meet and the delight we provide on peoples faces. It’s all about shared experiences and making memories together!

What are your favourite outfits? And of course we need some photos of them!

As a duo of doggy fashionistas, we absolutely adore stepping out in style with our fancy outfits that boast the most delightful details – think tutus, sparkles, and bold,
eye-catching couture that ensure we’re the talk of every canine gathering. But the fun doesn’t stop at frocks! Our accessories are the talk of the town, from shimmering bows that catch every glimmer of light, to the most refined harnesses that could rival any jewel in the crown. They’re not just add-ons, they’re statements! And when it comes to our crowning glory, we are unanimous in our love for the floral hair features that make us feel every bit the aristodogs we are. Whether it’s a simple yet chic blossom behind the ear or an extravagant garland that drapes elegantly along our necks, flowers are our absolute favourite.
Together, we make quite the pair, turning heads and wagging tails with our floral hairdos. They’re a beautiful reflection of our personality and style – natural, joyful,
and ever so fashionable.

What are some funny quirks about you both?

Eager to follow anyone’s instructions or requests, we perform an array of tricks that include ringing bells, executing synchronised twirls and spins, giving high fives and high tens, sitting pretty, and crossing our paws. However, our most heart-melting gesture, available to any willing recipient, involves either giving kisses or gently booping people on the nose. Remarkably, wee seem to have the knack of sensing who needs a hug. In such instances, we will stand up, encouraging you (the human) to bend down, and then we will place our paws on your shoulders. Some funny quirks Indi has include waking up at dawn like a rooster and giving wake-up boops to humans. Why be awake alone? When we are about to leave the house for the day’s adventure, we hold the harness out, and Indi walks up and puts her paws into the harness as if putting on a dress, ready to go. Maggie does the opposite; she rolls over for pre-departure belly rubs.

It looks like you both love to get festive! What’s your favourite holiday?

Oh, we just can’t get enough of beach holidays! There’s nothing like feeling the soft sand between our paws, diving into the cool embrace of the ocean, and catching
waves while standing tall on paddleboards. It’s all about the sun, surf, and a whole lot of fun with our humans in tow. Whether we’re lounging under a beach umbrella or
chasing the sunset on a paddleboard, those are the moments we live for! Beach holidays, hands down, are our jam!

Christmas is around the corner, what is on your wishlist for Santa this year?

Ho-ho-how wonderful! It seems Santa’s got some delightful tasks at hand! This year, the wishlist is all about savouring the joy of togetherness and adventure. Imagine cozy times at cafes, sipping on puppicinos, and nibbling on treats while watching the world go by. And for those moments of thrill, a shiny new electric ride-on car awaits, ready to whisk away on a four-wheeled escapade through the festive streets. Oh, and let’s not forget the bully sticks, an absolute treat sensation, eagerly anticipated as the perfect stocking stuffer. Santa, better make room in his sleigh for all these goodies!

Merry Christmas from Maggie and Indi!
Merry Christmas from Maggie and Indi!

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