Meet Badger: The Surf-Loving Border Collie Who Rules the Waves!

Get ready to meet the ultimate beach-loving canine sensation – Badger the Border Collie! With his infectious enthusiasm for the waves and unwavering dedication to his job, this furry adventurer from Yeppoon, Queensland, is taking the surf scene by storm. Join us as we dive into Badger’s story and discover why he’s the coolest pup on the beach.

Riding the Waves, Rain or Shine: Badger’s beach escapades began when he was just a little pup. During her recovery from surgery, his owner Jen, found solace in the serene coastal surroundings of Yeppoon. And what better time to welcome a working-dog puppy into her life? From that moment on, Badger and Jen embarked on a daily ritual of frisbee fun and refreshing swims in the ocean. Rain or shine, nothing can keep this duo from hitting the waves!

Adventure Awaits: Badger doesn’t settle for just beach frolics. He’s a true explorer at heart, leading Jen on thrilling adventures to nearby islands for hiking, swimming, and boating. But it doesn’t stop there! Badger has even participated in dinghy sailing regattas, providing safety boat support and making a splash at social events in their local sailing club. This border collie sure knows how to make waves both on and off the water!

The Great Barrier Reef Beckons: With winter upon us, Badger and Jen have their sights set on the stunning Great Barrier Reef. They’re planning exciting road trips north to Magnetic Island, eager to explore more of the breathtaking wonders in their own backyard. From diving into the crystal-clear waters to marveling at the vibrant marine life, Badger’s oceanic adventures are about to reach new heights!

Being a highly intelligent Border Collie, Badger needs a job to keep his sharp mind engaged. From his puppy days, his responsibility has been to maintain a clear airspace around him and his owner, chasing away any airborne creatures. This duty even extends to their aquatic adventures, which can sometimes lead to some amusing and wobbly moments. But hey, who needs seagulls when you have a diligent pup like Badger?

Badger knows how to start his day right. While most of us are still rubbing our eyes, he sneaks out to his director’s chair on the deck, rests his snoot on the armrest, and watches the magnificent sunrise over the sea. It’s the perfect way to set the tone for his sandy and salty adventures ahead!

Above all, Badger’s heart belongs to the ocean. Whether it’s riding the waves, splashing in the surf, or simply soaking up the salty air, he lives for those sandy beach days. His love for the sea is undeniable and contagious, spreading joy and laughter wherever he goes.

All image credit to Jenna Madden

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