Dog Man

USA, 40 mins
A film by: River Road Creative

‘Dog Man’ tells the story world-renowned dog trainer Dick Russell who trained an estimated 30,000 dogs through his “basic obedience class” in South Louisiana and introduced the pivotal training concept of “large field socialisation” to North America.

For The Love of Dogs

UK, 9 mins
A film by: Kylie Cushman

Why are dogs called man’s best friend? Filmed across parks in London, For The Love of Dog explores the age-old relationship with hilarious, heart-warming and sometimes very unexpected results. A tribute to our furry friends as told by their devoted owners and a fascinating glimpse into the incredible friendships between human and hound.

Adoption Pending

Australia, 10 mins
A film by: Jordan Montgomery

This heart-warming Australian short film follows the story of George, a 2 year old staffy cross husky, who is surrendered to an adoption home after not co-operating with the other family dog.  George struggles to adapt to the new environment, showing signs of stress and separation anxiety. To reach the adoption stage, he must pass a behavioural test with other dogs to determine whether he needs training and treatment while demonstrating his capability to be around other dogs.

To the Pets

USA, 2mins
A film by:  Mikayla Feehan

This upbeat short film showcases disabled and ageing pets.  See what they are capable of and the positive effect they have on their humans.  Proving that these second chance pets have a whole lot of love to give and a whole lot more life to live.

Henry’s Legacy

USA, 5 mins

10 years ago Henry became the first Vail Avalanche Rescue Dog. Although he is now unofficially retired, his legacy continues on.  This is his story.

Well Groomed

USA, 9 mins
A film by: Rebecca Stern

Discover the visually stunning and humorous world of competitive creative dog grooming. Meet the colourful women transforming their beloved poodles into living sculptures. In the dog eat dog world of pet grooming the tension is high and the skill level is beyond your wildest dreams.

Wolf Call

USA, 9 mins
A film by: Ramey Newell

John Ramer has worked in animal sanctuaries most of his adult life, often without pay, and feels this is his life’s calling. John’s experiences working with captive wolves have left him deeply changed, driving him to share his knowledge and passion with others in the hope that wild wolves might one day return to Colorado’s open lands.


The Top Dog Film Festival is Exempt from Classification, however, the program is suitable for all ages and would be equivalent to a GENERAL rating. All of the films in the 2018 tour are violence, nudity, coarse language, sexual reference and drug reference FREE. No dogs are harmed or pass away in any of our films, the only tears shed might be those of joy.