Spike the Surfing Dog and His Amazing Story

Let’s dive into the pawsome world of Spike the surfing dog! This incredible canine has captured the hearts of many with his adventurous spirit and impressive surfing skills. As we take a closer look at Spike’s journey, from his early days at the rescue centre to his incredible achievements in the world of surfing, we can guarantee you will leave feeling aaallll the feels.

Spike’s story begins in 2010 when he was adopted by a father-son duo from The Lost Dogs’ Home in Melbourne. At the time, Spike was around two years old, now he is a seasoned senior surfer at the ripe age of 15. When Rob and his son first laid eyes on him, Spike’s vibrant colours and boundless energy caught their attention. However, it seemed that Spike was the dog that nobody wanted, having spent months at the shelter. Perhaps people were hesitant due to his unique fur ridge and mixed breed. But Spike showed his potential family just how much he wanted to go home with them. He leaned on the son’s leg, a gesture of trust that spoke volumes, as if saying, “Please take me home!”

‘Mans Best Friend’, Image by Kirstie Mangakahia

As Rob and his son took Spike to the beach near their home for the first time, they discovered his initial timidity towards the sea. It was evident that he hadn’t experienced the beach before. The unfamiliar scent of the air and the sight of other dogs splashing into the water left Spike hesitating at the shoreline. Instead, he found joy in digging deep holes in the sand and chasing his newfound dog friends. However, as time went by, Spike’s interest in getting wet started to emerge. It was as if he despised being left alone, perhaps reminiscent of the feelings of abandonment he experienced in the rescue centre. Gradually, he began paddling in shallow waters, following along as his human companions swam in the sea.

But how did Spike transition from a timid beachgoer to a true surfing sensation? It all started with an unexpected and incredible moment. One day at a surf beach, Rob and his son returned to shore after leaving Spike tied to a tree, only to find his leash torn and Spike nowhere in sight. Panic ensued as they searched for him, until they noticed an unusual shape far out in the surf among the board riders. To their astonishment, it was Spike sitting on a surfboard, making his way back to shore with the help of another surfer. He had set out on a daring adventure, swimming through the break to find his beloved humans in the surf. Spike had proven himself to be both brave and loyal.

Rob and Spike sharing their love for the ocean, Image by Kirstie Mangakahia

This extraordinary incident sparked a new passion in Spike’s heart. He began standing on surfboards on the sand, positioning himself with his nose toward the front of the board, signalling his desire to surf. Recognising Spike’s enthusiasm, his owners got him his own surfboard with a secure grip for his paws. Whenever they hit the waves, Spike would stand on the board with his tail wagging furiously, barking in excitement. They would push him onto waves, and he would ride them all the way to the shore. Spike couldn’t get enough of it. He would eagerly wait on the board, barking for more rides, creating an endless cycle of joy.

As they attempted tandem surfing, with Spike standing in front and Rob lying down behind him, things got a little too close for comfort. Spike’s rear end ended up uncomfortably close to Rob’s face, resulting in a less-than-ideal surfing experience, to say the least. Undeterred, they switched to a stand-up paddleboard, and Spike quickly learned to stand between Rob’s knees. This newfound connection allowed them to tackle the waves together. Spike fearlessly learned to lean back on command while navigating through the breaks, and soon they were catching waves together. Throughout their surfing adventures, Spike always kept an eye out for other dogs on boards, but he rarely came across any until they participated in the VetShop Dog Surfing Championships at Noosa Heads.

Rob and Spike competing in the VetShop Dog Surfing Championship, Noosa Heads. Image credit: courtesy of Rob

Even when they faced wipeouts and were tossed off their boards, Spike would diligently swim around, waiting to be put back on the board to catch the next wave. His resilience and determination were truly remarkable. Spike’s incredible journey couldn’t go unnoticed, leading Rob to create the “Spike Surfs” picture book, showcasing his ocean adventures. Not only is the book a testament to Spike’s achievements, but it also supports The Lost Dogs’ Home, the place where his extraordinary life took flight.

Apart from his surfing prowess, Spike possesses some delightful quirks that make him even more endearing. Food holds a special place in his heart, and he has a keen eye for a particular tram that passes by their home. Spike would stand still, fixated on the tram, peering at the people inside enjoying their meals. It was quite the challenge to get him moving again! At the local beach, he has a knack for finding his way to the beach cafe, where he can’t resist begging for some delicious bacon. His love for treats even extends to unconventional choices like mussels, spaghetti, fettuccini, and pizza crusts. Spike definitely knows how to savour the finer things in life!

Spike on a bike! Image credit: courtesy of Rob’s personal snaps

Spike’s greatest achievement, however, extends beyond his surfing triumphs. It lies in the unwavering loyalty and companionship he offers to his owner. They share countless adventures together, making Rob feel  like the luckiest person in the world. Spike’s presence has taught them the beauty of resilience and the joy that can be found even after a challenging start in life.

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Rob and Spike competing in the Dog Surfing Championship, Noosa Heads

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