Mark & Mya’s Great Big Adventure

Is there anything better than traveling the world with your best friend? We don’t think so! And then what if that best friend, is also a furry friend, and you get to travel the world with your dog? Well, that’s even better!! (No offence to our human best friends!!)

Through their travels Mark & Mya have become more than travel buddies and best friends, they have also become advocates for taking your dog on your adventures.

Inspired by Instagram influencers @alexborsuk and @lokithewolfdog, Mark realised that he could pursue his dream of travelling around North America without having to leave Mya, his 10 month old White Swiss Shepherd, at home. 

With some research and forward planning Mark & Mya embarked on a great adventure together.

When first leaving Australia Mark was concerned about Mya spending the long flight in a crate without him.  But with plenty of practice time in the crate and one of Marks tshirts for company, Mya made the journey like a seasoned pro.  Although she was very excited to see Mark when they reunited in Vancouver.  It cost around $3000 to fly her to Canada but Mark knew it was worth every cent.

Determined to find activities they could do together, Mark and Mya went cross country skiing, paddle boarding in Lake Tahoe and mountain biking in Whistler.  Mya ran along beside Mark, having the time of her life.

On days when Mya couldn’t come along, Mark found doggy daycares which took her and her furry friends on hikes. They even wore a GPS on their collar in case they wandered off.

“A good friend listens to your adventures. A best friend makes them with you.”

Along the way Mark created their Instagram account,@mark_and_myas_adventures, uploading travel snaps and their following started to grow.

Soon enough, they had amassed more than 30,000 followers and they were even doing meet-and-greets for fans to meet Mya! 

Throughout the trip, Mark found booking pet-friendly hotels was always easy.  Some places would go all out, offering Mya room service meals.  Mya was even allowed into the casinos in Vegas!

In total they travelled almost 80,000 km visiting provinces across Canada, almost 40 states across the USA and even visiting Mexico for a day.

Since returning to Australia in May 2019 Mark & Mya have done been committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, and to support some of the hard working rescue groups doing their best to ensure that our fur friends have a home to be a part of.

Through their social media community they have been showing people you can have a dog & still have a life of adventure & travel.  Like many of us, they had big plans for 2020 but COVID has meant they have been spending a lot of quality time together.  Just like their North American travels Mark couldn’t have made it through the many months of isolation in Melbourne without Mya

All this downtime has given Mark plenty of time to plan their next adventure: a road trip around Australia. With over 40k people now following their adventures on Instagram alone, Mark knows that have a big opportunity to inspire other dog lovers to take their furry best friends on their next adventure.

And luckily for us they are planning on taking us along for the journey.  Mark is committed to creating new photos and videos to share with their community along with more pet friendly travel tips.  Since restrictions have lifted Mark and Mya have visited Mt Buller in the Victorian Alpine region and sharing their travel tips.

Spending so much time together, you’re bound to get to know each other well. They can sense each others moods before they happen and know exactly what to do when they come. The epitome of man’s best friend, Mark and Mya are #relationshipgoals and we love watching their adventures!!

Photos from Mark and Mya’s Adventures Facebook page

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