The Pinnacle Trails Beloved Golden Retrievers: Where are Baylor and Sampson Now?

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In the picturesque town of Stowe, Vermont, nestled amidst breathtaking natural beauty, the extraordinary golden retrievers Baylor and Sampson captured the hearts of hikers
and locals alike. In the 2023 Top Dog Film Festival we got to witness this truly heart-touching story of the sibling dogs who make this mountain trek day in and day out.

Where are they now? Join us as we explore the captivating story of these beloved canine companions and their enduring spirit.

Baylor and Sampson The Mountain Dogs
Baylor and Sampson The Mountain Dogs

A Legend in the Making: Baylor and Sampson quickly became renowned as the “Pinnacle Dogs,” with picturesque Instagram posts leading to their own hashtag, #stowepinnacledogs. As avid trail-goers embarked on the 6-kilometre journey, they would frequently encounter these friendly dogs, who would joyfully accompany them along the trail. Whether it was offering warm greetings at the 486 metre summit or basking in the glory of the lookout rock with wagging tails, this duo became local legends.

Recently, Stowe faced a heartbreaking loss as Baylor, one of the two beloved golden retrievers, passed away. Owner Perry Schafer confirmed the news through a poignant Facebook post, expressing gratitude for the overwhelming support from the community. The loss of their cherished four-legged celebrity left a void in the hearts of many, as Baylor’s presence had become synonymous with the Pinnacle Trail experience.

Sampson still walks the same route everyday in loving memory of Baylor
Sampson still walks the same route everyday in loving memory of Baylor

An Enduring Legacy: Despite Baylor’s absence, Sampson continues to honour the cherished memories they shared. Every day, he embarks on the Pinnacle Trail, following in the pawprints of his departed companion. Sampson’s unwavering commitment to the trail has touched the hearts of countless individuals, a testament to the bond they once shared. While the trail may feel different without Baylor’s exuberant presence, Sampson carries their spirit forward.

The impact of Baylor and Sampson extended far beyond Stowe, inspiring the creation of the short documentary “Mountain Dogs” by Aynsley Floyd. This heartwarming film immortalised their adventures, showcasing the unique bond between humans and their faithful canine companions. The Pinnacle Dogs became more than just hiking partners; they symbolised the beauty of unconditional love and the joy of embracing nature.

As hikers continue to traverse the Pinnacle Trail, they carry the memory of Baylor and Sampson with them. The legend of the Pinnacle Dogs lives on, reminding us of the profound connections we can forge with animals and the transformative power of the great outdoors. Baylor’s absence serves as a poignant reminder to cherish every moment and embrace the adventures that life presents us.

Image by Aynsley Floyd
Image by Aynsley Floyd

The legacy of Baylor and Sampson, the endearing Pinnacle Dogs, will forever be etched into the hearts of those who encountered their wagging tails and a!ectionate companionship along the Pinnacle Trail. While Baylor’s departure left a void, Sampson’s solo expeditions keep their spirit alive. Their story reminds us of the enduring bonds we form with our four-legged friends and the profound impact they can have on our lives. As hikers ascend the Pinnacle Trail, they embark on a journey that Baylor and Sampson once knew intimately, leaving behind a trail enriched with memories of these remarkable golden retrievers.

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