Lucy the Water-Loving Rescued Superhero!

Meet Lucy: the incredible rescue dog from Bellarine, Victoria. Lucy’s journey from a traumatised and neglected dog to a beloved member of her new family is nothing short of miraculous. With her irresistible charm and love for water, Lucy has become a true legend in her community. Join us as we dive into Lucy’s story and discover the heartwarming transformation that has earned her the title of a true superhero!

Lucy’s life began with unimaginable hardship. Rescued from a homeless owner when she was approximately 5 years old, she had endured abuse and neglect that still pains our hearts. Tied to a bridge with a mere 30 cm of rope, malnourished and terrified, Lucy’s only solace was her fierce protectiveness over her 11 puppies. Thanks to the efforts of a compassionate foster family from Geelong Animal Rescue (GAR), Lucy’s incredible journey towards healing and happiness began.

Living near the beach has revealed Lucy’s true calling: a water dog extraordinaire! Initially hesitant and excited by the waves, Lucy’s first encounter with the water led to a hilarious display of jumping in and out while on a leash. Now, she’s completely obsessed! Her excitement is palpable whenever her owner prepares to swim, as she howls and “talks” incessantly. Once at the beach, Lucy heads straight for the water, unwilling to leave. Her love for the ocean overrides any recall or control, leaving her owner with a happy, water-logged pooch.

Lucy’s magnetic connection with the water inspired the formation of a swimming group lovingly named the “Salty Bitches” in her honour. Initially attempting daring water rescues during long-distance swims, Lucy now barks and runs along the beach, comically expressing her confusion at her inability to save everyone. She has become quite the local personality, attracting more doggie friends to join the group’s aquatic adventures. From humble beginnings with just 10 people, the Salty Bitches now boast a dedicated Facebook group with 1500 members, promoting both mental and physical well-being.

Living Her Best Life: With her playful spirit and infectious personality, Lucy weighs in at a solid 39kg, but believes she’s a tiny lap dog. Her acrobatic leaps onto the couch, complete with mid-air spins and legs in the air, never fail to bring laughter to her owner’s face. Lucy’s obsession with retrieving flat white shells underwater, building her secret “for later” pile in the bushes, adds to her endearing quirks.

Lucy’s incredible journey from a traumatic past to a life filled with love, laughter, and a deep connection to the water is an inspiration to all. Her transformation into a water-loving superhero has not only brought joy to her family, but also created a thriving community of water enthusiasts. Living her best life is Lucy’s ultimate goal, and her playful spirit and unwavering love remind us of the power of second chances. Lucy, the Salty Bitch, may just be the most remarkable rescue superhero you’ll ever meet!

All Image credit to Sarah, Lucy’s owner. Images are taken around Port Lonsdale

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