Riding the Waves of Retirement: Catching Up with Spike, the Surfing Sensation!

Spike the surfing dog

In the aftermath of the 2023 Top Dog Film Festival, one name echoed through the hearts of viewers worldwide: Spike, the awe-inspiring surfing sensation. His captivating tale in ‘Salty Sea Dogs’ had us all riding the waves of his adventures, leaving an indelible mark on our souls. As the curtains fell and the festival buzz slowly settled, the burning question remained: what is Spike up to now? We couldn’t resist delving deeper into the world of our beloved canine surfer, and so we embarked on a journey to uncover the latest chapter in his extraordinary life. Rumors whispered that age might have slowed him down and that competitive surfing might be a thing of the past. But don’t be mistaken; Spike might have retired from the podium, but he hasn’t bid farewell to the waves. Join us as we catch up with this legendary furry friend, discovering the new adventures that continue to shape his days, proving that the spirit of surfing runs deeper than the competition ever could.

Since you have officially retired from surfing in comps, what do you like to spend your time doing now? (we were told you guys have been visiting a lot of schools to share the ‘Spike Surfs’ book? Could you tell us about this?) 

“It was Book Week recently so I have been busy visiting local schools and bookstores. I am glad and fortunate to make new friends. They like seeing my book. It makes me feel special.

I like it when kids hear my story, how I came from The Lost Dogs Home and got to be a dog surfing champ. I like to tell them to dream and have hopes about great things they can do too.

And it is good they hear about Animal Rescue Centres and looking after animals too.

Here I am at St Kilda Park Primary School…

Spike showing off to the kids at a local primary school.
Spike showing off to the kids at a local primary school.

And sharing Storytime with the groms at The Younger Sun bookshop in Yarraville, Victoria

Story time at the Younger Sun bookshop in Yarraville
Story time at the Younger Sun bookshop in Yarraville

I am so glad to see them smiling and relaxed. I hope they become interested in nature, looking after animals and going surfing too !!”

Do you still get on the board for fun or is it too difficult now that you are older?

“I really feel the cold water but I still love to get on to my board and among the waves. Now it is time to teach my sis’ Lani to ride, and I think she is making some progress.

But it will be easier when the water is warmer. Can you see Lani on the board with me? 

Lani (front) and Spike out on the board together.
Lani (front) and Spike out on the board together.

We are about to go out for a few waves at Torquay.

But we practice in the calm sea near home when the weather is good. I still love to get out on the board as often as I can.

I am older now, and the water feels colder too … but I still love the feeling of being on the water and being with Rob as well. These days I just have to be careful when I go out into the surf.

I know that getting hit by a wave or my board hurts me a lot more now than when I was younger. So we are more careful about the days we go out through the breaking waves.

Rob cares for me and knows to be mindful of the conditions. He tries to keep me away from rough conditions, and we get onto nice waves and get long rides. If the surf is too rough, I like going out on the calm water with Lani and other doggo pals too. They see us and want to jump on the board with us.

Can you see us in the pic? We are having a great time.”

Spike, Lani and buddy on a stand up paddle board in Melbourne.
Spike, Lani and buddy on a stand up paddle board in Melbourne.

We know you guys are very active in the community, could you tell us what you do to connect with the surfing dog community in Melbourne?

“It’s hard for me to keep in touch with the surfing dog community in Melbourne, but I do try. I hardly ever see any dogs on boards where I live, and it does take a couple of hours in the motor car to get to the surf. But I am always hoping to see other dogs out on the water.

So we go on paddle sessions with the SUP community in Melbourne. Sometimes we go out on the sea on our boards, and occasionally we go on adventures on the Yarra River which is close to Melbourne, and near our home.

Here I am with Lani on the Yarra, we went on a long paddle together with a group. We saw lots of people having fun.”

“They were so surprised to see us on our board together. We paddled along the river and went under bridges.

It was noisy beneath the bridges because trams and trains were passing above. There was loud rumbling from above, and echoes all around us.

I was a bit scared.

Rob kept telling us to be calm, and relax. He gave a treat to each of us when we were clear of the creepy bridge. I felt a lot better then, and I really like it when I get together with the other dogs at the beach.

Sometimes we all get into the Cargo Bike together.

Rob calls it ‘The Box of Dogs’. It’s good fun together, people say hello to us! And other dogs want to get in too. I think they are jealous!

This was a good day. Here I am with Lani, behind me, and little old Gypsy beside me. He leans on me because he can’t see anything. I don’t mind because he is my pal, and I like to look after him. Also young Bruno is next to him (at left). I like him too because he likes to dig holes in the sand with me.”

'Box of Dogs' Spike, Lani and friends enjoying a ride to the beach.
‘Box of Dogs’ Spike, Lani and friends enjoying a ride to the beach.

As we wrap up this heartwarming chat with Spike, we are so glad to have been able to tell Spike’s story and be involved in his adventure! A massive thank you is in order – first and foremost, to Spike, for gracing us with his presence and sharing his post-fame adventures.

And of course, a huge shoutout to Rob, Spike’s ever-supportive partner in crime. Rob, thank you for letting us peek into Spike’s world and for being the wind beneath his surfing paws. Your bond with Spike is a testament to the extraordinary connections we share with our four-legged friends.

Rob and Spike at Port Melbourne Beach with the ‘Spike Surfs’ book

Where to get the ‘Spike Surfs’ book

‘Spike Surfs’ is available from bookstores or online HERE 

or from Wild Dog Books at HERE 

or on Amazon HERE

All sales of ‘Spike Surfs’ goes towards helping The Lost Dogs Home

RRP is $19.99

We look forward to seeing you all at next years Top Dog Film Festival! 2024 is coming soon!

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