Tips For Better Dog Nutrition: Tried and Tested Meals

Alma Eats a Diverse and Nutritious Raw Diet

Ensuring our furry friends enjoy a diverse and nutritious diet is a priority for many pet owners and Alma the Lappie is one healthy pup! Her dog mum Emily has been on a journey to find the right kind of diet in order to give Alma the best life possible.

Here is a detailed insight into the diverse nutrients Alma gets to enjoy day to day, AND it’s even doable on the road!

1. Raw Feeding Revelation: Alma’s journey began with raw feeding, prompting Emily to delve into the world of canine nutrition. The research uncovered valuable insights into different diets, sparking a passion for providing Alma with the best possible meals.

2. Kibble vs. Raw: The exploration led to the comparison of kibble and raw diets. For Alma, raw feeding emerged as the preferred option, aligning with Emily’s belief in its benefits. The accessibility of information in today’s age played a crucial role in making informed decisions about Alma’s diet.

3. Overcoming Common Misconceptions: Addressing common concerns, Emily challenges the notion that raw feeding is too difficult or expensive. Through vivid food photos, the aim is to showcase the simplicity of feeding Alma a varied and nutritious diet, both at home and on the road.

4. Meal Preparation on the Go: When embarking on road trips, Emily preps base meals in advance, measured out for her daily intake. Utilising a variety of companies for protein rotation, this ensures Alma gets a diverse range of nutrients while on the move.

5. Tantalising Toppers: Adding excitement to Alma’s meals, a plethora of fruits and veggies serve as tasty toppers. From raspberries to sweetcorn, the list is extensive, providing a burst of flavour and nutrition. This rotation fosters a well-rounded and enjoyable diet for Alma.

6. Supplementing for Optimal Health: Alma’s health regimen includes supplements from various companies to promote better gut health, joint health, collagen production among others to contribute to her overall well-being. Unusual protein treats like crocodile feet and shark cartilage add a delightful twist to her diet.

7. Travel-Friendly Extras: For on-the-go nutrition, travel tins house coconut oil, greek yogurt, raw eggs, and other extras. Seaweed aids in dental health, and bee pollen makes a seasonal appearance, enhancing Alma’s diet during summer and spring months.

8. Easy Bowl Assembly: Creating Alma’s meals on the road is a breeze. Starting with a packet of complete mix, Emily adds veggies, fruits, meat, fish, yogurt, and other extras for a balanced and enjoyable culinary experience.

9. Homemade Goodies: Beyond meals, Alma enjoys homemade training treats and bone broth. Crafted from organic ingredients, these treats offer a burst of flavour and nutrition, showcasing the owner’s creativity and commitment to Alma’s well-being.

What a lucky gal Alma is!
Alma’s diet journey reflects the dedication of a pet owner determined to provide a variety-filled, nutritious experience for their furry companion. Through thoughtful planning, diverse ingredients, and a touch of creativity, our furry friends meals can become a delightful adventure, both at home and on the open road.

Always consult with your dogs Vet before trying new diets and introducing new foods.

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