DOGUE: The Number 1 Aussie- Made Dog Brand For Stylish Pooches

Dogue: Fashionable pooches

DOGUE is one of the most fashionable dog brands out there and not only that but they always choose “Australian Made, all-natural, and chemical-free because every dog deserves the best in life.” The Top Dog Film Festival has partnered with this amazing team for an astounding 8 years! And so we thought it was about time we sat down and talked all about… well.. dogs of course!

Get to know the lovely team and a bit more about the brand of DOGUE and what this seasons top must-haves are.

TOP DOG: Dogue has partnered with us at the Top Dog Film Festival for 8 years! How incredible, we are so grateful for all of your support! What is it about this collaboration that Dogue loves and what keeps you guys coming back year after year? 

DOGUE: We have cherished our partnership with Top Dog Film Festival over the past 8 years. It is a great event that encourages people to have fun with their pets and appreciate just how much love dogs can give us humans, something DOGUE is a big supporter of.

TOP DOG: Our mutual love of dogs is evident! What would you say are the key ingredients we should focus on to ensure our pooches are happy and healthy? 

DOGUE: Love, love, and more love — really, that’s all dogs want, oh, and a healthy diet and consistent exercise. DOGUE is very selective about the foods and beauty ranges we offer. We choose Australian Made, all-natural, and chemical-free because every dog deserves the best in life.

Dogue: Aussie Made dog fashion
Dogue: Aussie Made Dog Fashion

TOP DOG: Let’s talk about the ultimate doggy playdate! (I noticed from your blog that the team all has dogs that are allowed to come into the office!) How does this work, how often do your furry friends join you at the office and have there been any memorable play-dates? And any hilarious moments in the office with them? 

DOGUE: We love having our dogs in the office and welcome them whenever we can. They bring warmth and affection to the workplace, and even postmen can’t resist their charms. Most are human-obsessed, so there is not any trouble. In fact, many times, the models featured in our videos and posts are none other than our beloved furry team members!

TOP DOG: (I also saw on the blog that you have a beautiful dog named Lady Lemmy?) What are her favourite products from Dogue?

DOGUE: Lady Lemmy is a working diva who loves the country, so her life is spent supporting the staff at the DOGUE Country Retreat and checking in on our resident chickens and other bird life. But of course, a girl likes to shine, and she never fails to flaunt her fabulousness with our “too glam” glamour collar!

Dogue's Lady Lemmy Team member Dog
Dogue’s Lady Lemmy, an integral part of the team!

TOP DOG: I don’t think our audience is too familiar with the country retreat that Dogue has to offer- could you tell us a bit about that?

DOGUE: The DOGUE Country Retreat offers beautiful and intimate free-range accommodation suitable for small to medium dogs with a sunny disposition. Set on a 100-acre vineyard in the picturesque Southern Highlands, there is lots of fun to be had with daily walks and constant entertainment. Our exclusive retreat offers a superb alternative to dog boarding. Check out A Day in the Life at Retreat!

TOP DOG: What is your perfect idea for a doggie- hooman date? What Dogue products/ accessories would you be taking on this date with your dog?

DOGUE: Hanging out with your dog is one of the simple pleasures in life. A trip to the park for some socialisation is always a good place to start, followed by some one-on-one time with lots of cuddles and a café stop for a coffee and puppachino. Plus, we never leave the house without our DOGUE poo bags and DOGUE pop-up water bowl because you will always need both… and a stylish collar and lead, as dogs should always look their best.

Dogue Dogs are always trendy yet comfortable
Dogue Dogs are always trendy yet comfortable

TOP DOG: What exciting plans does Dogue have in store for 2024 and beyond? 

DOGUE: DOGUE has another big year ahead. Next month, we are moving to our warehouse. A big job for our team, but the move will streamline both our wholesale and online orders and create more consistency, so well worth it once everything is in place. May is an exciting month as we focus on our Winter Lookbook – Fur & Fashion. Dressing dogs is what we do best, so it’s always fun to put together our latest looks and run some fun competitions on our socials. Shop the look, get the look, show us your look; it’s a creative and amusing time where the DOGUE team and our customers can get involved and be proactive with what’s in for 2024.

TOP DOG: What are the new product ranges on offer from Dogue, tell us all about the season must- haves!

DOGUE: We have started the new year with lots of new products under New Year, New You! Launching a series of seasonal must-haves which include DOGUE poo bags, thick and strong, and naturally a little chic in design, as we believe even poo bags should look cute. Pop-up water bowls for those thirsty times and a great selection of new collars and leads to hit the streets in style. To ensure dogs look their best, we have also created a beautiful range of beauty essentials: DOGUE Coconut Shampoo, Conditioner, and Cologne, and a gentle paw balm and Waterless Shampoo for those quick coat pick-me-ups between washes. We are consistently working on new ranges with new designs coming in for Winter, so watch this space.

Run, don’t walk over to the official DOGUE website to see their stunning pieces! And we’ll see you out and about with your stylish pooches wherever you decide to strut your stuff!

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