Welcome To The World Of Miss Dior: The Stylish Pooch Of Sydney

Stylish Miss Dior the insta-famous Pooch

Meet the enchanting ‘Miss Dior,’ a petite canine sensation whose charisma and glamour rival the likes of Paris Hilton. Behind the couture outfits and bedazzling jewels lies a sweet and sassy personality that has captured the hearts of many. From striking modeling poses to stealing the spotlight on popular shows like Pooches At Play and Studio 10, Miss Dior is a four-legged fashionista making waves in the canine world. In this exclusive interview, we delve into the glamorous life of Miss Dior, exploring her journey to fame, favourite pastimes, and the quirky traits that set her apart.

1. Introduce us to you.

“I am ‘Miss Dior,’ known for perfecting the art of modeling with my doll-like stills and signature head tilt. Whether in jammies, couture outfits, or bedazzling jewels, I make every look boujee glam. My journey has taken me to shows like The Block and the Dog Lover’s Show/Festival, where I’ve shared cuddles and photos with celebrities, following in the paw prints of my idol, @tinkerbellethedog.”

2. How did you gain the name ‘Miss Dior’ and how did you become insta famous? What is the best/worst part about it?

“My mummy named me ‘Dior’ after her favorite designer, and with a name like that, how could I not become a model? Evolving from ‘Little Miss’ to ‘Miss Dior,’ the name suits me perfectly. Being Insta-famous has its perks – the best part is the love from my followers, but the downside is the occasional pawparazzi invasion.”

3. What are your favourite hobbies besides being an absolute glamour goddess?

“I love driving my car, going for walkies along the bay, and shopping with my mummy. Living in Sydney now, I attend gorgeous doggie pawties and dressing up for them is one of my favourite things. My pawsome furriends share my love for the puppy pawty scene.”

4. What are your top 3 fave outfits you have worn in the past? (of course, we need to see pictures of them 🙂

“Oh, darling, choosing just three favourites is like picking the perfect treat – a tough decision, but I’ll try! See my top picks below”

And even though I am obviously a classy pooch, I must say.. I do enjoy a little halloween dress up pawty. See my top looks below for halloween looks!

5. What are some funny quirks about you?

“One of my funny quirks, as perceived by hoomans, is my pawstand style pee. It never fails to get them giggling!”

6. What are your top tips for any other pooches out there looking to be as gorgeous and fabulous as you? Grooming/beauty/fashion tips?

“Learn your hooman’s credit card number for online shopping, find a groomer who understands your style, and master the art of cute poses. Being a good girl helps – it’s the key to going everywhere with your mummy. Socialise, be sassy, and work that camera!”

In the world of canine glamour, ‘Miss Dior’ stands as a shining example of style, charisma, and infectious joy. From her humble beginnings to gracing the screens of popular shows, Miss Dior’s journey is a testament to the magic that a tiny diva with a big personality can create. As she continues to enchant followers with her impeccable fashion sense, endearing quirks, and love for life, Miss Dior remains an icon in the canine fashion and modeling realm, inspiring other pooches to embrace their inner glam.

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Thank you to Miss Dior and her Mama for joining us this week for our insta-famous pooch takeover!

All images are credited to Miss Dior

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