Get to know Trippy: The Shipwreck Hunting Dog with a Taste for Adventure and Sausages!

“Hi my name is Trippy the Wonderdog and I love to hunt for Shipwrecks”

Hey there, fellow dog lovers! Today, we want to introduce you to the one and only- Trippy The Wonderdog! This adventurous pup was also the 2023 Top Dog Film Festival poster boy and features in the film Salty Sea Dogs! (which can now be streamed online at Adventure Reels

Trippy’s story began in 2019 when he was adopted at the age of one from Safe in Avon Valley Perth, a rescue organization. It was love at first sight – need we say anymore?

Andre and Anouska (Nush) were initially a bit hesitant about adding a furry friend to their lives because they’re always on the move. But that thought didn’t last long, Trippy’s bubbly personality and cheeky charm swept them off their feet faster than a squirrel up a tree! All doubts flew out the car window as soon as they met this little ball of joy.

During their first encounter at the park, Trippy couldn’t contain his excitement. He zoomed around, chasing his future hoomans, and ended up falling head over paws into their arms for cuddles. And when it was time to say goodbye, he didn’t want to be left behind, so he hopped right into the backseat of their car, practically begging, “Take me home, paw-lease!” Aww, that sealed the deal for sure!

The early years with Trippy were a blast! They embarked on a camping trip to test his road trip skills and see how he’d handle outdoor adventures. Well, Trippy surprised them all by snoozing peacefully in the car like a pro. Turns out, he’s a laid-back traveler with an appreciation for snuggling up during long rides. Oh, and talk about loyalty! Trippy even accompanied Nush to the bathroom during that camping trip, making sure she was safe and sound. Now that’s what you call canine companionship.

But let’s not forget about Trippy’s foodie escapades. This pup has a nose for trouble when it comes to sniffing out scrumptious delights. Late-night vet visits became a common occurrence thanks to his knack for devouring chocolate bars and even a whole packet of worming tablets. Sneaky Trippy also pulled off a cunning caper when he snatched a batch of baked goods intended for a fancy sunset sail. Everyone was scratching their heads until his secret kitchen counter missions were exposed. Who knew such a cutie could be such a gourmet bandit?

Now, let’s dive into Trippy’s incredible shipwreck hunting skills. Born with an innate love for the sea, he effortlessly adapted to life on the boat. Those countless days cruising the waves sharpened his shipwreck hunting abilities like a pro. Andre and Nush made sure he had all the essentials, from yummy treats to comfy beds, to keep him wagging his tail during their exciting expeditions. But here’s the funny part—they had backup plans in case Trippy didn’t enjoy the seafaring adventures. Little did they know, Trippy couldn’t get enough of the salty sea breeze and thrilling escapades. 

In a typical week, Trippy lives the dream life of adventure. Whether he’s splashing in the ocean, tagging along on boat trips to meet whale sharks and dolphins, or camping in the wild, this pup is all about excitement. But hey, he’s not all about action. Trippy also knows how to unwind and snuggle up on the bed or couch, showing off his cozy side.

Personality-wise, Trippy is a strong 10/10. He’s smart, mischievous, and oh-so-agile. When you come home, he’ll race around the house, wagging his tail like there’s no tomorrow, and even bring you a toy to celebrate your return. Talk about a heartwarming welcome! And his loyalty? Off the charts! He’ll stick by Andre or Nush’s side through thick and thin, proving he’s a furry friend for life. Plus, his love for people is contagious, making everyone feel like the most special human in the world.

“Nothing better than a rough and tumble with Dad”

Now, let’s let you in on a little secret, Trippy goes bonkers for sausages! Sure, he mostly enjoys freshly caught fish and veggies, but give this pup a sausage, and you’ll witness pure canine bliss. Just be careful at barbecues, though, because Trippy might swipe a sausage or two when you’re not looking. Sneaky, sneaky!

And guess what? Trippy and his awesome humans are super stoked to be part of the film Salty Sea Dogs, sharing their incredible adventures with the world. The Top Dog Film Festival will be a woof-tastic showcase of heart-melting stories that highlight the incredible bond between humans and their four-legged pals. Trippy’s story, along with other captivating tales, is sure to tug at your heartstrings and leave you grinning from ear to ear.

And there you have it guys,—a glimpse into the exciting and fun world of Trippy, the shipwreck hunting dog who knows how to live life to the fullest. So, grab your popcorn, gather your furry friends, and get ready for a wild and waggly ride! 

And a MASSIVE thanks to Andre and Anouska for these gorgeous images and their time for an interview!

DID YOU KNOW? You can now stream the 2023 Top Dog Film Festival available on Adventure Reels TV HERE

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