Meet Coco the Insta- Famous Pup and Top Dog Film Fest Lover!

If you’re an avid Instagram user and a dog lover, chances are you’ve come across Coco the Peakapoo, an adorable pup who has taken social media by storm. Coco’s glamorous lifestyle and fashionable outfits have earned her a massive following, making her an insta-famous dog with a dedicated fan base. In this exclusive interview, we delve into Coco’s journey from a pet store in Chatswood to becoming an influential canine celebrity.

Coco’s owner Alina recalls the day they first met at a pet store in Chatswood. “It was love at first sight”, said Alina and Coco instantly captured her heart. At only 8 weeks old, Coco joined her new family and embarked on a journey that would change her life forever. Named after none other than the iconic fashion designer, Coco Chanel, this peekapoo is a charming mix of ¾ toy poodle and Pekingese.

Coco’s rise to stardom all started with Alina’s brilliant idea of creating an Instagram page five years ago. It was just meant to be a fun little project, but oh boy, did it take off! Coco’s fabulous photos and her presence at the coolest dog events in Sydney had people from all corners of the globe going gaga over her. But wait, there’s more! Coco even started a trend called “Tutu Tuesday,” where she rocked a tutu and got her followers to join in on the fun. The best part? Coco would showcase her fans’ photos on her Instagram stories, giving them their moment in the spotlight. It’s safe to say that Coco’s social media game is pawsitively on point!

Coco modelling for ‘Tutu Tuesday’

Beyond her fashionable presence, Coco’s Instagram page has become a hub for dog owners seeking advice and inspiration. People often inquire about Coco’s outfits and where they can be purchased. Her influence has been instrumental in popularizing the concept of dog pawties in Sydney. Every year, Coco celebrates her birthday by hosting a grand pawty for her furry friends, with one event attracting an impressive 60 dog guests. The demand for Coco’s presence at such gatherings has grown to the point where she’s invited to multiple pawties every weekend.

Coco’s popularity has opened doors to countless opportunities, including attending various high-profile events, collaborating with renowned brands, and even being a guest judge. Some of her memorable appearances include the Top Dog Film Festival, Cartoon Network’s Scooby-Doo 50th anniversary event, Afterpay Australian Fashion Week, and Rebel Wilson’s Pooch Perfect TV show. Her charismatic presence has been featured in newspapers, TV shows, and magazines across Australia. Coco’s achievements include being awarded Australia’s Top Dog in 2021 and crowned Sydney’s Top Dog in 2019.

Coco celebrating her seventh birthday

So, what does a day in the life of Coco look like? Just like any other dog, Coco enjoys a routine-filled life. She starts the day by waking up her dog mumma with licks, eagerly waiting for breakfast and a dental chew. Coco’s love for the outdoors shines as she spends her time chasing lizards and playing fetch with her beloved pink ball and watermelon soft toy. 

We are lucky to say that Coco and Alina have been coming to the Top Dog film festival since 2018! They are long time lovers of what we do at the festival and we are super stoked to have their support! Alina and Coco expressed their love for the festival’s particular focus on showcasing short films from around the world that highlight inspirational stories of dogs and say they always leave the film festivals feeling inspired and uplifted.  

Alina and Coco at the 2019 Top Dog Film Festival

The cutest thing about Coco and Alina? They rock matching outfits! It’s a level of adorable that’s hard to resist. Seeing them strut their stuff in coordinated ensembles is pure joy and instantly puts a smile on everyone’s face. We just love it! Most of their matching outfits come from the Australian brand Camilla. By repurposing second-hand kaftans, Coco and Alina create unique dresses that perfectly align their fashion statements. Being matchy-matchy adds an extra element of fun to their daily adventures.

We hope you had a blast reading about Coco and Alina in this week’s puppy spotlight! They’re simply paw-some! And speaking of paws, mark your calendars for the epic lineup of films coming to the Top Dog Film Festival, touring Australia this August. Get ready for a tail-wagging good time!

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