Introducing RA: The Sassy Superstar of the screen

‘Ra the superstar, on set of ‘Filming Dogs’

Do you believe in canine charisma? Well, let us introduce you to Ra, the 14-year-old small fluffy terrier mix who has captured hearts and stolen the spotlight wherever she goes. Ra is not your ordinary dog; she’s a diva with a whole lot of personality and a repertoire of tricks that will leave you in awe.

In fact, Ra is one of the superstar pups that features in a film called ‘Filming Dogs’ that will screen in our upcoming Top Dog Film Tour! We wanted to introduce you to her and her fabulous co-stars!

One of Ra’s most hilarious quirks is her tendency to show off all her tricks, even when nobody asks. It’s as if she knows she’s the star of the show and wants everyone to be amazed by her talent. But there’s one trick that never fails to bring a smile to everyone’s face – her handstand. Yes, you read that right. Ra can balance herself on her front paws, defying gravity and proving that age is just a number.

‘Ra demonstrating her spritely personality and youthful energy’

When it comes to snacks, Ra is not picky at all. She appreciates the simple pleasures in life and has a particular fondness for cheese and peanut butter licky mats. Give her one of those, and you’ll witness pure canine bliss.

But Ra’s life isn’t all about tricks and treats. She has a range of favorite activities that keep her entertained and fulfilled. Treat puzzles challenge her mind and reward her with tasty surprises, while beach visits allow her to soak up the sun, feel the sand between her paws, and experience the joy of freedom. Ra also loves showing off, whether it’s strutting her stuff in front of an audience or impressing her human companions with her charismatic presence. And on a cold day, there’s nothing she enjoys more than snuggling under the doona, finding warmth and comfort in the arms of her loved ones.

Ra’s adventures haven’t been limited to the mundane, In fact, she has a remarkable history in the world of film and entertainment. From her early days in Hobart, Australia, to her travels across California and Sweden, Ra has left her pawprints on stages, screens, and even catwalks all around the world!

‘Ra prepping to go on set of ‘Filming Dogs’

Ra’s human companion, Peta, takes on the role of filmmaker in the captivating documentary titled “Filming Dogs.” This thought provoking film offers a unique glimpse into the motivations that drive humans to seek on-screen fame for their beloved four-legged companions. It challenges us to question whether this desire for glory stems from our own ambitions, their well-being, or something even more profound that lies beneath the surface. 

So the next time you hear the name Ra, remember that she’s not just a dog; she’s a sassy superstar!

Be sure to book your tickets now, to see Ra up on the big screen looking fabulous!

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‘Filming Dogs’

{Images are courtesy of Lauren Hunter, Paul de Cinque and Nell O’Shea Carre}

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