Living with 130Kg’s of Dog: The Challenges and Joys

If you’re a dog lover, you know that having one furry friend can bring immense joy to your life. But what about living with not one, not two, but three massive dogs? Meet Estelle and James, who have embarked on a thrilling adventure of sharing their home with 130kg of canine companionship. In this blog post, we’ll dive into their story and explore the ups and downs of living with these lovable giants.

It all started in 2013 when James and Estelle began their journey together. United by their love for dogs, they spent countless hours volunteering at the Shenton Park Dog Refuge. It was there that they found their first rescue, Ned, a bullarab cross mastiff.

Estelle and James with Ned and Eva 2021, Image courtesy of Estelle and James.

Ned, a stubborn yet endearing character, came into their lives at the age of one. Despite the training efforts, Ned always tests their patience, always curious to see if he can push the boundaries. One hilarious memory involves him stealing two whole chicken breasts off the kitchen counter. While he’s learned some manners since then, his mischievous spirit still shines through.

Shortly after, Eva, a rescue puppy with the personality of a staffy, joined their growing family. Although there were some initial tensions during the introduction, Ned quickly embraced his role as a big brother. They became inseparable, sharing countless adventures and forming an unbreakable bond.

As Ned grew older, Estelle and James considered adding a third dog to the pack, ensuring Eva wouldn’t be left lonely once Ned’s time came. And so, Leo, a big dog puppy, entered their lives. The cuteness overload was immediate as they welcomed Leo, weighing just 8kg, into their home. Leo’s boundless energy initially posed a challenge for Ned and Eva, but his infectious personality won them over. Leo has now turned one and weighs a whopping 52.5kg!

Mr Leo- the newest addition to the family (when he was a puppy).

Living with 130 kg of dog comes with its fair share of challenges. One of the main hurdles is finding space on the couch. With three large dogs vying for a spot, cozy seating arrangements become a thing of the past. Then there’s the constant task of cleaning up after them. Let’s face it: big dogs produce big poop. But perhaps the most significant challenge is the financial commitment. While dogs are never cheap to care for, having three big dogs takes it to the next level. From food to veterinary bills, the costs add up. That’s where pet insurance becomes invaluable, providing peace of mind when unforeseen medical issues arise.

However, the challenges are outweighed by the incredible rewards of living with three magnificent canines. With their boundless energy and entertaining antics, there’s never a dull moment in the house. Imagine snuggling on the couch with a furry friend as big as you, receiving endless love and affection. Having three dogs means there’s always something to do, whether it’s exploring new places, embarking on beach adventures, or enjoying invigorating bush walks. Their excitement and zest for life are infectious, making every experience more meaningful.

James and Estelle firmly believe in exposing their dogs to different situations, taking them everywhere they go. This not only ensures their comfort but also grants them the freedom to explore the world together. From beach outings to dining in pet-friendly establishments, their well-behaved pack garners attention and treats wherever they go, these dogs have become seasoned travellers. Each dog has their unique quirks and personality traits. Ned, with his unpredictable moods, keeps everyone on their toes, sometimes playing dead for attention. Eva, the cleverest of the three, astounds with her vast vocabulary and impeccable behaviour.

She gracefully accompanies Estelle and James, observing the world from chairs or benches during café outings. Leo, the talkative troublemaker, communicates through an array of strange noises. While he’s left a trail of destruction in his puppy days such as eating a large portion of the couch, digging a massive hole in the back garden, eating about 10 pairs of shoes, destroying one mobile phone, one pair of ice hockey skates and various other items he has found. Estelle remains hopeful that Leo will grow out of it, returning their household to a state of normalcy and getting a new couch! 

When asked about the greatest joy of having these incredible dogs, Estelle’s answer resonates with every dog lover. The unwavering love and affection you receive are unparalleled. No matter what they do, their dogs believe they are the absolute best thing in the world. The constant companionship and the responsibility of their dogs’ health and happiness bring out the best in James and Estelle. Coming home to their smiling faces and excited greetings after a long day’s work is a heartwarming reminder of the power of unconditional love.

While Estelle and James are aware that one day they’ll have to bid farewell to Ned, they’re already contemplating the idea of adding another dog to their pack. The dynamics of a three-dog household are truly unique, and the thought of watching them interact with another furry friend is an exciting prospect. If they had a big property, they jokingly admit they might end up with 20 dogs!

Living with 130 kg of dog is an adventure like no other. It’s a testament to the immense love, dedication, and joy that these four-legged family members bring into our lives. James and Estelle have embraced the challenges and cherished the rewards, creating a home filled with laughter, love, and unforgettable memories.

Estelle and Eva enjoying nature together

A big thanks to Estelle and James for letting us share their story! All image credit goes to Estelle and James

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