Seeing Double Edits: Blending Your Pet’s Past and Present

For pet owners, their furry friends are like family members, and they want to cherish every moment they have with them. With the rise of social media and the ability to capture photos and videos instantly, it has become easier than ever to document your pet’s life journey.

However, there is one thing missing from most photo albums: a way to visually blend your pet’s past and present. This is where Seeing Double Edits comes in.

Seeing Double Edits is a company that specializes in creating unique and beautiful artwork by blending together a picture of your pet as an adult and a picture of the same pet as a puppy.

The result is a stunning image that captures both the memories of your pet’s early days and the joy of their current self.

All artwork comes from the Seeing Double Edits official instagram
Then and now artwork of a canine companion.

The artist behind Seeing Double Edits is based in the United States, and her work has gained worldwide recognition. Her process involves taking two separate images of the same pet and using digital editing techniques to merge them together. She ensures that each artwork is customized to the client’s specifications, including the placement and size of each photo.

One of the reasons why Seeing Double Edits has become so popular is the emotional connection that pet owners have with their animals. For many, seeing a visual representation of their pet’s growth and development is a powerful reminder of the joy and love that they bring to their lives. Each artwork tells a unique story and holds a special place in the hearts of its owners.

Artwork credit: Seeing Double Edits 
Artwork credit: Seeing Double Edits

However, with the company’s success, the artist often finds herself turning away many clients because her books are full. The demand for her work has exceeded her capacity, which is a testament to the quality and uniqueness of her creations. This has led to a waiting list, which speaks to the level of interest in her work.

Seeing Double Edits is a company that has found a niche in the pet industry by blending together the past and present of beloved pets. Their artwork is not only beautiful but also emotionally meaningful, capturing the essence of the pet’s journey. With a growing reputation, it is no surprise that the company is in high demand, and it is exciting to see how it will continue to evolve in the future.

Looking for a Mother’s Day gift? This would be pawfect for all our dog mamas out there! Visit the website to get your personalised artwork started!

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