Get to know Chobe: The dynamic pup who can do anything!

Meet Chobe, the dynamic and adventurous canine with a heart of a lion! He is the second dog featured in the upcoming film, ‘Filming Dogs’ and at just under 2 years old, he’s still in his early years, full of boundless energy and curiosity.

Chobe’s journey began when he joined Dr Kat Gregory’s family at around 3.5 months old. He was previously under the care of a foster carer from Koolie rescue. His parentage is an intriguing mix, with his mother being a spirited Koolie and his father an unmistakable Jack Russell. This unique combination makes Chobe a one-of-a-kind pup!

Dr Kat Gregory and her spirited canine companion, Chobe. Image credit: ‘Filming Dogs’ crew

As someone who professionally helps animals overcome behavioral challenges, Kat loves training all kinds of animals. Chobe gets to experience a wide range of fun training activities, all centered around positive reinforcement. In fact, they’ve even dabbled in the world of advertising, working together on some TV projects and a delightful short film showcased at a festival. Although he’s still learning the ropes of the media world, Chobe and his human are eager to take on more exciting opportunities.

Chobe’s training adventures don’t stop at the screen! Right now, he’s gearing up for some paw-some Flyball competitions, where he’ll dash, jump, and bring home the victory in this exhilarating canine sport. But that’s not all—Chobe has also dipped his paws into the vibrant world of Dog Dancing, grooving to the beat and wowing the audience with his fancy footwork. And hey, have you seen him with a Frisbee? It’s a sight to behold! Chobe is honing his skills in Freestyle disc, pulling off jaw-dropping tricks that involve leaping, spinning, and catching the disc like a true champion. With his infectious enthusiasm and sharp intelligence, this little dynamo is a speedy learner who never misses a beat in any endeavor!

Chobe training in speed and agility for his future competitions. Image Credit- Dr Kat Gregory

But Chobe isn’t just Dr. Kat’s partner in furry crime. Oh no, this pup is a genuine work assistant, lending a helping paw when it comes to tackling challenging dogs and their owners. With a confident, funny, and clever personality, Chobe brings a truckload of positive energy that can melt even the iciest of hearts. Humans? Adored. Other dogs? Best buddies. Life itself? Embraced with sheer joy!

Now, you might be wondering about Chobe’s name and the story behind it. Chobe is actually named after a cheetah from the depths of Africa, who Kat had the incredible privilege of working with. Big Chobe, a massive cheetah weighing almost 70 kilograms, recently celebrated his 14th birthday. Talk about a milestone! And guess what? Both Chobes, big and small, share a remarkable spirit—bold, gentle, and untamed.

‘Big’ Chobe, a 70kg Cheetah from Africa, Image credit: Dr Kat Gregory

So, if you’re itching to get a glimpse of this spirited, adventurous pup then grab your tickets for the upcoming Top Dog Film Festival and see him doing his thing in ‘Filming Dogs’ the movie!

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Chobe living his best life, Image credit: Dr Kat Gregory

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